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If you are interested in enrolling your child we recommend that you complete the form below or alternatively you can contact us by phone where we can arrange a suitable time for you to visit and have a tour of our centre.

Upon acceptance of a position we guide you through the enrolment procedure and orientation process so that both you and your child become familiar with our team of educators in order to create a HAPPY and smooth transition.



Preparing your child for the out of home care environment

Orientation is an important start for your child and family to connect to our service. We encourage each child to attend the service in the company of a family member before they start the day with us. This gives you and your child the opportunity to gain an understanding of our program, the lay out of the room, where to find things, provide educators with additional information about your child and how we can best support their transition and settling period.


If your child is reluctant to attend, please discuss this with their assigned educator so that they can develop strategies with you to support the transition from home to the service. You are welcome to take photos of your child in our environment to show and discuss at home. Some children like to take a book from our library to read at home and return on the next visit.


Communication between home and the service must be open and happen often to best support your child during this time. There may be tears and extra tight hugs when saying goodbye for the first few weeks but there are always cuddles, reassurance and genuine care from educators for both the children and their families. Sometimes this experience is upsetting more so for the family, not the child. We understand this and offer support through phone calls during the day, photos and open communication.

Your child first day

What to bring to the Service



For independence, we work towards all children being able to recognise and open their own bag. Let them be involved in selecting the bag and taking ownership of it. Please ensure it is large enough to hold all their belongings and is clearly labelled.


Drink bottle

Your child will need a drink bottle which is clearly labelled with their name to use at the centre each day. Please ensure you take your child’s drink bottle home with them at the end of the day to be washed.


Sun Hat

A sun protective hat must be worn every day when playing outside for protection against the sun. Please make sure to include it in your child’s bag every day regardless of the weather conditions.


Spare clothes

Every now and then accidents occur and it may be necessary for your child to get changed into a fresh set of clothing. Please include a complete change of clothes every day which can stay in your child’s bag...just in case!

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