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Holi Festival - March

Holi, is the traditional Hindu festival of colours and was celebrated on the 2nd March.  Holi is an Indian spring tradition that honours good over evil. It is celebrated with coloured powder, as it is thrown around the streets, on people and their belongings.   

The children at Lilybelle had a fantastic time putting the coloured powder on themselves and their peers. A big thank you to Miss Henna for bringing in the coloured powder and sharing this beautiful tradition of her culture with us all.

Clean Up Australia - March

Nearly 590,000 volunteers joined together to protect their local environment and clean up the parks, waterways, beaches, bushland and roadways that are important to them at more than 7,253 locations across Australia. 

At Lilybelle the children from the Arrunga room took part in cleaning up our local area. Venturing outside a small group of children where escorted by 3 of our educators to put on our safety gloves and clean up any discarded rubbish. 

This was a fun and engaging way to teach the children about the responsible disposal of rubbish, resource recovery and the repercussions of rubbish dumped irresponsibly in the local environment.  

Rangers on the Run Incursion (Butterfly enclosure)  - March

During the last week of March Rangers on the Run visited Lilybelle leaving us with a beautiful large outdoor Butterfly and Caterpillar enclosure. The children where delighted to take part in learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar and mesmerized by the colours and patterns of each butterfly and caterpillar.  

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